Sinus Health Formula


Sinuses are air filled cavities inside the skull. They have a small hole that allows air to flow in and out. Problems often begin with a cold that inflames (swells up) the lining of the sinuses, and block the hole. This may lead to excess fluid in the sinus. If the lining is inflamed the sinuses are vulnerable to bacterial infection, which can be worsened if there is excess fluid present. CT studies show that almost everyone with a cold has some degree of sinus inflammation.

Our Formula for the relief of Sinus Pain & Discomfort contains Plantago spp., Sambucus nigra, Euphrasia Officinalis, Urtica dioica and Cinnamomum spp.

Sambucus drains mucus, Plantago restores the mucous membranes, Euphrasia is a drying herb that also has a general effect on the upper facial area. Urtica and Cinnamon are warming herbs that help the other herbs to have their effect.

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