Head Relief Formula


Many people suffer from headaches that do not have a clear medical diagnosis.  Research shows that CT scans of people with chronic headaches only have abnormalities in less than 1/1000 of cases. From a herbal perspective, most headaches are disturbances headaches Many people suffer from of the energy around the head. These are generally related to different kinds of emotional stress.  Cephalix is a Headache Relief Formula designed to deal with both the energy disturbances and the underlying stress.

It contains the herbs Melissa officinalis, Stachys betonica, Prunella vulgaris, Scutellaria lateriflora and Rosa spp.

Melissa, is a herb that elevates mood, counteracting the negativity of stressful states. Scutellaria is a calming herb, treating underlying tension. Prunella works at a lower level, clearing inner heat and fire. Stachys works specifically on the head.  Rosa the herbal ‘hug in a bottle’, adds a feel good effect.

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