Ear Health Formula


The middle ear is a cavity in the skull full of air. This is where sound waves are converted into vibrations. The air comes into the middle ear through a tube from the back of the nose. The tube and the middle ear are both lined with a mucous membrane that can easily swell. There may also be fluid in the cavity. This leads to bacteria gaining a foothold and causing recurrent ear infections, especially in childhood. Antibiotics are good at killing bacteria. They have no effect on the underlying problem.

Our Ear Relief Formula aims to deal with the mucous membrane and the fluid in the cavity. It contains Viola tricolor, Arctium lappa, Sambucus nigra, Plantago lanceolata and Trifolium pratense.

Arctium and Trifolium are cleansing herbs that remove unwanted debris from the ear. Viola tricolor is used to heal inflamed tissues, and Plantago helps to restore the mucous membrane. Sambucus is a herb traditionally used to clear mucus & secretions. Together they act to drain the middle ear of fluid and restore normal functioning.

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